Tucson Kids Summer Camps: Art and Crafts

Why will you love The Craft Revolt’s Tucson kids summer camps filled with arts and crafts?

  • First, they allow kids and teens hands on creative outlets without screen time.
  • Our teachers, that are also artists, develop the themes to maximize the fun and instruction.
  • You will see fun projects completed every day.
  • Your kids and teens will focus on a theme for a week to develop a deep appreciation and understanding.
  • Finally, our themes are interesting and spark curiosity beyond the classroom.

Break up your child’s summer monotony with a week of mastering new crafting skills, exploring creative limits, and making new art projects. On top of this, your kid will be learning about the surrounding world. Change a restless week of, “I’m bored” to an outstanding week filled with, “Look what I did!”

Kids today can learn almost anything they want with the flick of a fingertip. However, no amount of screen time can replace the value of your kid’s working hands on work.  As a parent, you will enjoy seeing your child’s growth and the  and craft project(s) that they bring home every day.

If you are looking for a great air-conditioned creative space for you kid this summer, The Craft Revolt is it. We have multiple bathrooms, water fountains, and most importantly, teachers that love to see children smile. Seating is limited.

Try us. Sign up for a class below today.

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Our Kids Summer Camps Too Long?

If our summer classes are too long, you can always sign up for one of our many kids art and craft classes. We host these throughout the year. Of course, they are not as in-depth as our week-long kids summer camps, but we teach many of the same skills. And they are always fun.

Still not sure? See what Popular Science has to say. Just don’t stray too long.