Emma Mondaca

Emma Alicia M. is a Visual Arts graduate from the Universidad de Sonora, Hermosillo. She taught Art classes for SEDESSON, Gobierno de Sonora, as part of a governmental project to open centers of study for segregated areas of the city. Being interested in communitarian causes, she illustrated two published works: En el corazón del desierto, a kid’s comic book centered on creating conscience on the preservation of the Sonoran Desert’s flora and fauna (sponsored by SEMARNAT, Mexico); and Rayal, a collection of poems for kids from the Oaxacan poet Efrayn Ruiz Félix. As part of her career she has been participating in collective painting exhibitions since 2012, inspired by themes involving the ever evolving human condition. Emma began working in traditional watercolor and acrylic media on paper, but was greatly influenced to work with mixed media and alternative/recycled materials after she attended “Soporte, Proyecto Ojo” in 2015 -a workshop about the experimentation of unconventional materials in painting-, as part of a 1 year exchange program in Mendoza, Argentina. Since then, her personal style has evolve to a figurative-abstract drawing, an expressionist palette, and the experimentation and recycling of materials. However, the main interest of her work remains on conveying human nature, cognitive biases and its relation to the psyche.
Drawing – Forms and Shading: Learn the fundamental principles of shading in order to create the illusion of forms, perspective and dimension within a drawing; 2 hrs. 3 days/week. Figure Study: Introduction to understanding and drawing the human figure; 2 hrs. 3 days/week.

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Class Title Date Time Action
Drawing on Tuesdays 02/13/2018 03:00:PM - 04:30:PM View
4th Friday at Beads of Courage Charcoal Drawing Pop Up 05/25/2018 06:00:PM - 08:00:PM View
Drawing on Tuesdays 02/20/2018 03:00:PM - 04:30:PM View
Drawing on Tuesdays 02/27/2018 03:00:PM - 04:30:PM View
Kids Drawing 04/03/2018 03:00:PM - 04:30:PM View
Beginning Drawing 03/13/2018 03:00:PM - 04:30:PM View
Beginning Drawing 03/27/2018 03:00:PM - 04:30:PM View
Beginning Drawing 03/20/2018 03:00:PM - 04:30:PM View
Studio Drawing Workshop 03/27/2018 12:00:PM - 02:00:PM View
Figure Drawing 4 Week Class 03/26/2018 09:00:AM - 11:00:AM View