Learn How to Draw

Learn How to Draw

At The Craft Revolt we believe and know that ANYONE can learn how to draw, you just need patience, practice, a good instructor & a desire to learn. Our Drawing Course is structured in a simple way so that students will gain an understanding of the fundamental techniques and skills needed for professional style drawing. We plan this course for any person who has a real interest in developing their knowledge & abilities in this fine practice, no matter if you are a beginner or have already some background. That’s why we have divided the course into three blocks for you to choose the level you are at, each is designed with a specific focus to help students be familiar with & replicate the construction process involved in the creation of a creative drawing. 

No experience whatsoever is needed to start: students will work at their own pace in order to develop their personal style, & will be encouraged to seek their own voice as an artist. So you’ll just need to bring your craving and curiosity for learning!

We are committed to the Arts community here in Tucson, so we’re working on strengthening & further extending it. For this, at the end of each course, students will be invited to participate in a collective exhibition of their work for their families & friends: everyone is invited! So please be welcome to be part of the revolt against a life without creativity & community!


  • 1st Block: Drawing Fundamentals
    This is an introductory drawing class; design for anyone and everyone, where students will learn and practice the fundamental principles of drawing. The main focus of this block is for students to develop their understanding of the geometric forms that make up all organic and non-organic subjects. The second focus is for students to learn about light and how it affects those subjects. Students will apply this while also learning about the basic materials, how to use them, and practicing basic skills: measuring, eye-hand coordination and posture.  After taking Drawing Fundamentals students will have master the sketching process, which is the first part of the drawing process.


  • 2nd Block: Drawing Construction
    This is a continuation of block 1; students will keep practicing to strengthen the skills & techniques seen in Drawing Fundamentals. In this class we’ll continue the drawing process; students will deepen their understanding of the foundations by integrating now construction concepts: modeling, space, and perspective. In order to apply these concepts, students will learn new techniques while mastering those seen in DF. We’ll also expand the usage of the materials by experimenting with new mediums for a broader understanding of the possibilities they can have.


  • 3rd Block: Drawing Composition
    This is a continuation of block 1 and 2; this class focuses on understanding the process involved in the creation of personal work. For this, we’ll study the elements of composition. This block is made-up of two main themes; the first is to learn and understand said elements, while the second theme is focused on the process involved in the creation of an individual composition. So students won’t only put in practice what they had learned in block 1 and 2, while adding new concepts, but go in a step further by coming up with their own idea and putting all they’ve learned on the making of their own Art piece. To leave all creative decisions to the students, the materials used will be entirely up to each person.

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