Arts and Crafts for Kids in Tucson

Arts and Crafts for Kids

If you’re in Tucson, it can be difficult to find great arts and crafts for kids. We are changing this at The Craft Revolt. Now you have a multitude of art classes for kids from which to choose. We have classic studio art classes for kids, such as drawing or painting; to modern abstract arts. For kids looking to learn new skills we have exciting assembly projects as well. If Mom and Dad want to participate, you can join a more advanced session of woodworking. The whole family can be involved. So look around at the classes and workshops below. You will find all kinds of art for kids. Oh yeah, and we have regular Baby Brigade for Tucson babies and toddlers ready to master the arts. It’s never too early or too late to develop your child’s interest in arts and crafts!

We have art classes for kids and tweens and teens that move more quickly and focus on the technical skills of becoming an artist. Our teachers guide and critique while teaching vocabulary and art history within the context of fun projects.

Art Classes for Kids and Families

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We know the Tucson heat can be tough to beat. Hanging out at home all day will drive most kids crazy. There is no better way to give your child the mental stimulation they need than a week or two of extended crafting. Take a look at our Summer Art Camps here.